Acoustic and electric guitars
Serving the guitar
for more than 15 years
Settled since 2000 in Chaumes-en-Retz (France), I propose the two following services: Building of steel-string guitars (archtop, flattop and electric), and repairing and setup of any kind of guitars and mandolins.
« Perfection is not achieved
when there is nothing to add,
but when there is nothing to remove »
This sentence of Saint-Exupery, guides me through all my guitar projects.
Keep simple. Look for the understated elegance
Tradition and technology
Altough I am attached to guitar tradition and history, I use a CNC mill for several years. It provides almost no productivity gain in production model where every guitar is unique. But these tools offer access to very high precision and allow me to work metal to build, for example, custom hardware.