New website
The new website is online. It still needs some touchups. Good visit ... and happy new year !
Gluing the fingerboard
A little tip to prevent the fingerboard from slipping while it is glued on the neck.
Mortise and tenon
Here are some details about the jig I use to make the tenon on the neck and the mortise on the body of a guitar.
The thickness sander
My "home-made" thickness sander used to sand the tops, backs and sides to the right thickness.
Gluing a purfling to a binding
On guitar tops and backs, it is very common to see purflings beside the binding. The side of the guitar sometimes have this kind of purfling too ( see the picture on the right ). Unlike top and back purflings, this side purfling needs to be glued to the binding before bending and gluing this binding. Here is a little tip to do this.
Drawing the tuners holes
Here is a really simple tool to help drawing the tuners holes.
Solidbody guitar building
The building process of my own solidbody guitar
Kozmic Jazz
The little sister of the "Kozmic Blues" made in 2009 is finished. While the "Kozmic Blues" was made for slide guitar style, with a bottleneck, the "Kozmic Jazz" is made for standard style playing.
"Kind of Blue"
The blue archtop guitar that I started a few months ago has been delivered to its owner.
Upcoming events
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