The "Summertime"
The small 15" koa flattop is completed. I called it "Summertime" since it has the same body shape as the "Kozmic Blues".
Issoudun 2010
I will be exhibiting at the upcoming .
Back from Montreal
Back from Montreal. Great show one more time. Thanks to the Spectra team ( especially to Jacques-Andre and Arno ) and to Jacques Carbonneaux and Noël Alfonsi.
Here is a short article at
I would also like to thank François Vendramini for the picture on the right.
Montreal Guitar Show
I take the plane for Montreal tomorrow.
The shop will be closed until july, 10.
You will find the opening days of the shop for this summer at the "Contact" page.
A new archtop guitar completed
Here is a new archtop guitar completed. It is a small and compact guitar ( 15" ) with a very plain style.
Making the curved braces
The method I now use to prepare the curved braces for the flattop guitars.
Sanding the bottom of a binding
The waste of side plates can be used to make bindings. But when they are cut with a bandsaw, the bottom of these bindings need to be sanded clean. Here is a simple way to do that.
Checking neck alignment
Here is a quick tip to verify the neck alignment before gluing the fingerboard.
Upcoming events
No planned show